Guide to editing content

This is a guide for uploading new content to this site, and applying the inbuilt design features correctly so it all looks consistent and is easy for your user to understand.

Don’t delete this page, but also don’t publish it. It’s intended for those who have editing access to the site only, and not to be visible for anyone who views the site.

At the very top of this page is heading 1, which is applied automatically to the page title. Heading 1 should NOT be manually used again on the same page. Use heading 2 to break up sections of your content. And then if necessary, heading 3 within those sections, and so on.

This is the basic paragraph style, which you will use for almost all basic text content.

Heading 2

Heading 3 can go under it, but it’s not required

The heading hierarchy has been designed specially for the Job Match site, for consistency and readability. Using the heading styles correctly on all new content will ensure that the site continues to look as it was designed to.

Use the real heading styles, not ‘bold’

You can apply bold and italic as required to selected words within your body text, but it’s best to avoid using bold or italic to create emphasis or new kinds of headings.

This is a bold ‘heading’ that isn’t a real heading. It doesn’t visually delineate the content very well.

This can make it hard for the user to understand the content, and will make the design less polished and cohesive.

heading 4 – you might not even need it, but here it is!

There are also:

  • the bullet style
  • and…
    • the sub-bullet style

Here’s heading 2 again!

You can also add buttons… as many as you like!

You can choose to make buttons steel or black – they are blue by default